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Readmission Treatment Management (RTM) Program

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Meet Our
Three “B” Goals:

  • Be educated
  • Be involved
  • Be at home!

Program Process:

  • If your doctor has recently prescribed home oxygen for you, you will be set up with your oxygen equipment.
  • You’ll receive a call from us shortly after your oxygen setup to confirm setup, answer questions, and schedule a telehealth visit with one of our respiratory therapists.
  • You’ll receive a fingertip pulse oximeter via UPS.
  • Prior to your next physician follow-up visit, you will have a telehealth visit with a respiratory therapist where they will complete evaluations with you and have you check your oxygen levels with the fingertip pulse oximeter.
  • The data gathered from the respiratory therapist telehealth visit will be provided back to your physician prior to your next follow-up visit.
  • After 30 days on our program, you will be contacted again for a check-in to ensure you’ve been able to remain at home and out of the hospital. At that time, we will also retrieve the fingertip pulse oximeter back from you.

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