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FreeStyle Libre 3 System

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FreeStyle Libre 3* System

The FreeStyle Libre 3 system is a new way for people with diabetes to check their sugar levels.

  • Simple to apply and easy to use.
  • Provides information about your sugar levels every minute.
  • Optional, real-time alarms with readings every minute.
  • Easiest iCGM to apply with no in-person patient training required.
  • More affordable CGM at one-third the cost of other CGMs.

CGM Resupply

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CGM Resupply

Helpful Videos

How to Get the Most Out of Your Reports

How to Remove and Replace Your Sensor

Using Alarms with the FreeStyle LibreLink App

Getting Your First Reading

Signal Loss Alarm iPhone

Signal Loss Alarm Android 


See details in above documents & site for indications and Important Safety Information. 

*Commercial insurance plans only